Flagstones (Polygonal Stones) Sandstone

Slavianskij Kamen Company specialized in quarrying, processing and realization of natural sandstone. We offer: flagstones, paving stone, paving tile, facing tile, stairs, curbs and other production.

The sandstone that we are quarrying fulfills first class standards of radiological safety (background radiation is absent), hich allows its free use in external and internal works. Also unlike asphalt coating sandstone does not belong to the group of carcinogenic materials.

Sandstone – is a natural eco-friendly stone a sedimentary rock consisting usually of quartz, cemented with silica, iron oxide or calcium carbonate, Sandstone is durable, has a very high crushing and tensile strength.

During development of the deposit sandstone(polygon slabs) is sheared in layers of different thickness. Normally these are flat forms that have mild relief surface 10-70 mm wide and also rubble stone and pebbles. Later on the unshaped slabs are given the geometric pattern at the place of production.

 The main usage of sandstone is:
-front sides and plinths lining
-interior walls lining,
-finishing fences, fireplaces,
-frontlines and windows;
-paving operations (floors, ramps, sidewalks, garden paths, inside yards, terraces, stanzas and stairs);
-producing fireplaces and window sills;
-landscaping design (rockeries, rock gardens, constructing fountains, flowerbeds and Alpine rock gardens), etc.

However, the key advantage of sandstone is its endurance. In case of road coating this vitally important parameter is defined by low abrasive wear index. This resisting strength to abrasive wear of stone allows its successful usage in places with high traffic flow.   

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